Frederik Andersen’s reemergence as an elite goaltender and its impact on the Leafs

It’s no secret that Frederik Andersen’s last 18 or so months in a Leafs uniform have been suboptimal. Beyond the off-ice instability of a still ongoing pandemic that has the NHL scrambling for solutions, Frederik Andersen’s on-ice performance has similarly been unstable at best, and downright pitiful at worst. Outside of a brief November surge early in the ‘19-’20 campaign, Andersen’s save percentage has steadily been on the decline over the past two seasons, accentuated at one point this year by an early season .888 save percentage through his first nine games. As the calendar has turned from January to February, however, and following a somewhat typical “October Freddy” appearance in January, something seems to have clicked for Andersen. It is beginning to look like Frederik Andersen of old may be poking out his head after a long hibernation.
When Jack Campbell went down with an apparent leg injury, you would have been well within your rights to express concern about the Maple Leafs goaltending situation. In the blink of an eye, a group that was four goaltenders deep had evaporated, with Aaron Dell’s poaching by the New Jersey Devils coming less than a week prior. Andersen’ …

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Author: Jori Negin-Shecter / The Leafs Nation