Zach Hyman is the most important forward for the Leafs next season

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be one of the most interesting teams to watch in the 2019-20 regular season of the NHL. They have heaps of pressure that the entire hockey world has put on them, but are talented enough to surpass even those lofty expectations.
Surely the three consecutive first-round losses sting like a nagging mosquito bite while trying to hike up a mountain — it will constantly be brought up through the season if they like it or not.
Having a team with so many high-skill players, they lend themselves to criticism. Whether it’s how GM Kyle Dubas built the team or how Head Coach Mike Babcock is coaching the team, there will be consistent onslaughts of comments suggesting how they should operate.
There will always be discussions on certain line configurations or what player should be given the most time on the power play;  loads to discuss and complain about during the season. But all of that isn’t possible with those talented players that the Leafs have.
They are the front-line players that will perform at the highest level throughout the season and will be the ones that have the greatest responsibility to win games. Beyond …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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