Yes, you should absolutely blow those savings on Leafs playoff tickets

It goes without saying – not everyone can afford Leafs playoff tickets. I won’t tell you to go broke or give up your rent or stop eating or anything delusional like that. But if you’re middle class, figuring how to spend that extra cash you’re debating on spending on new piece of lawn furniture or a vacation you’ll forget what month you took it in two years from now, bite that bullet and create yourself a lifetime memory. Do it at least once, if you can.
What’s it like? Deafeningly loud, to start. At its loudest the Scotiabank Arena makes conversation impossible.
When Auston Matthews scores in the second period to put the Leafs up a score against the Bruins, your loudest screams of his name are drowned out by the chorus twenty thousand strong. The SBA’s regularly cold, dead heart comes to life.

It’s coloured with vibrant blues and whites that for the first time all season blur the line between the rich and the poor seats. After Auston scores the go-ahead powerplay goal he feels an earthquake beneath his feet; the SBA shaking on its foundation, set in motion by helicopter rally …

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Author: Jake T / The Leafs Nation

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