Willie Nylander: The Comeback Kid

Folks, I don’t need to tell any of you how great William Nylander is. You’re smart. You’ve been watching the games. You’ve looked at the stats. You’ve seen that Nylander is well on pace to exceed 30 goals this season, you’ve seen that he’s regularly elevated the game of both Matthews and Tavares, and you’ve seen how effortlessly he makes it look to move the puck from zone to zone without being impeded by defenders. Yes, William Nylander is pretty great and as hard as it may be to accept that an Albertan isn’t awful, William Nylander is pretty darn good.
That’s why it’s really not surprising that with their mid-season awards, the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) voted Nylander as their comeback player of the year.
Comeback Player of the Year Award – to the player who returned to a previous high level of performance that was interrupted by subpar play, long-term injury or major illness.
1. William Nylander, Toronto Maple Leafs
2. Anthony Duclair, Ottawa Senators
3. Max Pacioretty, Vegas Golden Knights
So, with great recognition comes great …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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