Will Freddie Gauthier be a Leaf this season?

This is another in my questions you’ll automatically answer “no” to series. Having also written about Matt Read and Ben Harpur earlier, I feel I’m embarking on an unfortunate trend of writing about replacement level players who barely fit into the Leafs plans going forward. This seems like a ridiculous endeavour, but unfortunately it’s what training camp is all about. At the end of the day we know the star players are going to play with the other star players, and not much matters there until regular season. If you want to maximize the interest level in training camp, unfortunately you have to start caring about what happens with players like Freddie Gauthier.
The Situation
Here’s why I’m talking to you about Freddie Gauthier. While Gauthier can pull off being a limited ice time 4th line center that you occasionally don’t mind seeing healthy scratched for a more intriguing option, clinging to a spot at the bottom of the roster isn’t much of a guarantee of his continued work in that role continuing much longer, and when the Leafs brought in Jason Spezza, Nick Shore, and potentially have Marlies like Pierre Engvall and …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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