Why Corey Pronman Ranked the Maple Leafs’ Prospect Pool 21st

The Athletic’s resident scouting guru, Corey Pronman, is releasing his NHL Prospect Pool Rankings day-by-day.
On Monday, he landed the Toronto Maple Leafs 21st out of the 31 systems in the NHL. That’s not great. And yet, considering that the team has made the playoffs for 3 straight years and didn’t have a first-round pick at this past draft, it was otherwise expected.
This is not a recap of “x person said this about the Leafs.” Rather, this is a breakdown of why the team is ranked where they are.
In assessing Toronto’s pipeline, Pronman says “the talent at the top is average, but I like the depth of the pipeline, as the Leafs have targeted a lot of skill in their prospects in recent years.” The last part of that sentence is a tip of the cap to the work Dubas and the scouting department has done thus far.
Every year, without fail, various fan bases begin hollering on social media about their team taking “the safe guy” instead of the one with the higher ceiling (who usually happens to be small and skilled). I have said this consistently, and I’ll say it again: draft me …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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