Who’s the next “CALL HIM UP” prospect?

We’ve been screaming CALL HIM UP for over a year now and it’s finally happened. Vlad Jr’s service time has been adequately manipulated, he’s, uhhhhh, figured out how to run the bases which he could only do in Buffalo, and he’s played in back-to-back-to-back games in the field. On Friday, Canada’s Large Adult Son will finally make his much-anticipated Major League debut.

Now that Vlad is up and playing with the Blue Jays, the fanbase is going to need another Large Adult Son to yell about. You know, the kind of player that, even if he’s years away from realistically making the jump to the Major League level, does something good and everybody quote tweets it and posts CALL HIM UP.
Who’s it gonna be?

Bo Bichette?
Bo would make the most sense, but, unfortunately, he’s going to be out for the next month-and-a-bit after suffering a broken hand in a Triple-A game last week. This sucks especially because Bo had found his swing in Buffalo over the past few games after a little bit of a slow start at Triple-A. Still, when he comes back, he’s the logical choice …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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