Who will be back next year? – The defense/goalies

With the Leafs season now over, we look ahead to the draft and free agency as the big events left on the Leafs schedule for the 2018-19 season.
Now that the big three plus Tavares all have or will need their big contracts, the cap crunch is coming, and combine that with a disappointing playoff run, and suddenly, the Leafs might have a completely different roster come next season.
So, let’s look at the team from top to bottom, and figure out who will be back. I will throw people into one of four different categories: Will be back, probably coming back, might be back, and likely gone. Today, I’ll be looking at the blueline and the crease, and only the ones that played for the Leafs this season.
Morgan Rielly
Status: Will be back
He had a Norris-calibre season, and has three years left on an amazing deal. With him being one of the few bright spots on the blueline, locked up for a while, and a big part of the team, on and off the ice, he’s definitely sticking around.
Nikita Zaitsev
Status: Might be back
I’m sure if Kyle Dubas had full power …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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