Who is the Juggernaut Jr. of the North Division?

The Leafs have had what they would deem a “slump” by dropping two games in regulation, and the fact that these losses came against a very bad Canucks team might lead people to panic. Those people would be silly. There are going to be off nights, and Auston Matthews is still recovering. The Leafs are safely the first place team in this division, and all the juggernaut jinxes in the world won’t change that.
That being said, I was curious this week, and decided to ask The Leafs Nation contributors who is likely to take the second place spot in the Scotia North Division and why. Here are their responses…
Michael Mazzei:
At the start of the season, I would have said that the Canadiens would end up in second. But as we approach the halfway point, it’s starting to look like it will be the Jets that finish there as they have separated themselves from the rest of the division as the second best team in Canada. I think they and the Leafs will be in a dog fight the rest of the way and the team that will be their biggest threat for the top spot.

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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