Which Leafs prospect is most likely to become a fan favourite?

Back in December, we ranked the Leafs best prospects in terms of which is most likely to have an impact on the NHL. While it’s exciting to wonder which player might become the next superstar wearing blue and white, there’s one more question that needs to be answered.Who will be the next fan favourite?
Fan favourites across sports are always fascinating as they are almost never one of the star players. The fan favourite athlete is like the cult classic film of the cinema world, for reasons that can’t quite be explained, a large group of people have latched on and refuse to let go. It’s something that can’t easily be predicted and doesn’t seem to be based around any sort of logic yet today we’re going to attempt the impossible and try to objectively quantify which Maple Leaf prospect will be the next great fan favourite.
The first question we must ask ourselves is simple. What makes a fan favourite?The answer, however, is not nearly as simple. Fan favourites have come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, positions and skill levels. From Tim Horton, Eddie Shack and Tiger Williams to …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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