Where there’s smoke there’s probably Granlund

There doesn’t seem to be much escaping the idea that Mikael Granlund is the primary target of Kyle Dubas over the next month and a half leading up to the trade deadline. This really seems to mirror a lot of the past Dubas key acquisitions as there was plenty connecting the Leafs to Muzzin, Clifford and Barrie well in advance to the deal being completed. When Dubas starts working on something, it seems he wants to finish it, and with that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to wrap our heads around the three big questions.
What do we know about Mikael Granlund?
What is it going to cost the Leafs to get Mikael Granlund?
When is this trade actually going to happen?
As best as I can, I will attempt to answer those questions.
What do we know about Mikael Granlund?
Well, on a less than good Nashville Predators team, Mikael Granlund is presently being utilized as the top line center. That’s not to say he’s their top center, that’s to say he’s interchangeable with Matt Duchene and Erik Haula, and he might work better with Filip Forsberg than the other centers. …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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