What’s next for each of the eliminated teams in the East?

The second round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs is done. What steps should the Raptor’s closest competition take to get where Toronto (and Milwaukee) is now? The East’s second round is over — in dramatic fashion! — and that means six of the best teams in the conference are sitting at home, wondering how to get where the Raptors and the Bucks are now.
So, how do they do it? I’m glad you asked. Since we’re sitting extremely fat and sassy right now in Toronto, below are my “so spicy, they could be Siakam” takes for every playoff team in the East. They range from everything between trading your seemingly sure-fire future Hall-of-Famer, to, well, not doing much of anything… yet.

Detroit Pistons: Trade Blake Griffin

I know. I know. But here’s the thing. The Pistons are in cap hell. They also have a real lack of talent on their team aside from Blake.
I’m not one of those people who believes that winning 45-50 games and getting a bunch of second round appearances is meaningless. But the Pistons don’t even have a path to that. They are as stuck as any team in the league. …

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Author: ConorMcCreery / Raptors HQ

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