What would it take to feel confident in the Leafs goaltending?

Goalies, amirite? Okay then. Enough said.
Yes, goaltenders are voodoo, unpredictable weirdos who are seeming stellar one minute and the scapegoat the next. A lucky few teams find their Dominik Hasek or Patrick Roy, on to put it this year’s terms, find their Connor Hellebucyk. The Leafs haven’t been particularly fortunate in net this century, and probably the case and point on that is that Frederik Andersen has been the Leafs best goaltender of at least the last 15 seasons, and we are presently seeing a large portion of the fanbase attempt to run him out of town (honestly a strong case can be made for this, so I’m not passing judgement.)
This week I decided to ask the TLN contributors the important question, “what needs to happen for you to feel confident about the Leafs goaltending situation?”
Here are their responses…
Ryan Hobart:
A Stanley Cup or four might do the trick. The goaltending this team got in my early days of fandom should qualify as childhood trauma. Following that up with the Bernier/Reimer experiment, and now a long run of Frederik Andersen being so hot and cold, I don’t think there’s anything but …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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