What the hell is going on with Fred?

Hello darkness, my old friend.
The Maple Leafs have a starting goalie problem. Again.
What was a seemingly uncatchable lead in the North Division not two weeks ago has been eaten up by porous goaltending over the Leafs’ last five matches. In spaces, the team’s performance might’ve been better, Saturday night’s game among them. The Jets were the better team in the rubber match, outshooting and outchancing the Leafs rather convincingly.

In the earlier two entries of the three-game series, the Leafs won the Deserve-to-win-o-Meter Championship, as they are wont to do, but conceded one cumulative standings point to a Jets team hot on their tails. In a fairer world, this series would’ve extended their lead atop the division. “Fairer”, I submit, if you don’t factor goaltending into your game analysis prior to your discussion of the final result.
There’s something far too many analysts ignore: goaltenders are listed on the player roster, count against the salary cap, and are agents in the game as much as skaters are. It’s not enough in a post-game analysis to build the crux “the Leafs were the better team, but lost” into a tidy retrospective. The …

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Author: Jakebeleafs / The Leafs Nation

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