What should the Leafs do with Tyson Barrie?

It seems as if the Leafs have been treated to three Tyson Barries so far this season.
First, we had the Babcock Tyson Barrie. He was the one who was horribly miscast on a shutdown pairing with Jake Muzzin, saw too many defensive zone starts against tough competition and successfully dragged down Muzzin rather than seeing Muzzin prop him up. He was robbed of his power play time, and was just generally an unhappy dude looking to be traded. It wasn’t fun.
Secondly, we had the offensive dynamo Tyson Barrie, who with the exception of maybe Mike Commodore, seemed to be happiest to see that Mike Babcock wasn’t coaching the Leafs any more. He put up 3 goals and 5 points in the first three games post Babcock, and we thought it would be smooth sailing after that. Ignoring the fact that after those first three games without Babcock, Barrie didn’t put up a point in his next six games, he’s become more a stable contributor with 17 points in the 25 games without Babcock. He’s doing what he’s been asked to do.
Finally we have the third Tyson Barrie. This Tyson …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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