What Load Management for Freddie Andersen Could Look Like

Players haven’t even taken the ice for training camp in September and it’s already time to start worrying about how tired they will be in April. That may sound ridiculous, but alas, planning out goaltender starts throughout the season is probably a good idea for a few reasons. The first being communication to the goaltenders of what their anticipated starting workload will look like. And secondly so you can find a pleasant balance over the course of the year that doesn’t leave your starter hopeless exhausted by playoff time.
To my personal glee, this was tweeted out earlier today:

“I’m sure we’ll try to do some load management or whatever you call it.” -Frederik Andersen, workhorse
— luke fox (@lukefoxjukebox) September 4, 2019
Late last March I attempted to advocate for not playing him as much citing that he was playing more than he ever had before since joining the Leafs, and potentially that was leaving him exhausted come playoff time. Now Frederik Andersen is an elite athlete, capable of handling his current workload and then some or so he’d say, but in practice all of these guys, players and especially goaltenders either exhausted, sore, or worse …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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