What building from the core out could look like for the Leafs

The core. It’s pretty important and when you think about it we’re really only three seasons removed from the Leafs having nothing resembling a core at all. The Leafs had nice prospects and some good developing young players, but nothing resembling a core. Now it seems like the Leafs have some really good players that wouldn’t even be considered the core of this team.
What do I mean by core, well, I mean the players that the Leafs would be building around. Some of them are more short term core players that might not be in the long term vision of the team, and others are long term core players. Right now we can safely put John Tavares and Auston Matthews in that long term core, but a few of the others may only have a year or two left of being essential to the Leafs. Jake Muzzin is prime example of this, as he’s older and an unrestricted free agent after this season. Frederik Andersen is likely another as he has two years left on his deal and there is definitely some optimism around Woll and Scott as the goaltenders of the future.
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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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