What a potential Patrick Marleau trade could look like

In the modern NHL, there are many examples of high-price older players getting moved around because their former team needs some cap flexibility. The Leafs are in that exact situation right now.
With one year left on his three-year contract costing the Leafs $6.25-million in cap space, Patrick Marleau is on his way out of Toronto and it might take a different type of trade.
Unfortunate due to the hard cap system this league enforces, these trades are common enough that there appears to be one at least every offseason. Most likely a championship-hopeful team getting rid of some extra baggage so they can use that financial space to secure some better players — an easy enough strategy.
In theory and in practice, the team that has historically been in the Leafs’ position has to add a little bit of a sweetener, but it all depends on the particular player the other team will be acquiring.
So what are some examples of trades that might reflect what the eventual Marleau deal will look like?
It feels wrong comparing the future trade to these deals, but it’s the unfortunate inevitability of a similar transaction.
Brooks Orpik to the Avalanche
The most …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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