Waivers & You: A quick look at how waivers may shape the Leafs roster

In a post earlier this week about the first round of roster cuts I touched on the fact that waivers open earlier this week on September 20th (Friday) and no matter how you slice it, the Leafs are going to need to dump a number of players on waivers, the range of numbers we should be able to establish somewhere a bit later down in this post, but for now we’ll just say there will be a lot of Leafs on waivers and there’s a chance some of them won’t make it to the Marlies.
Yesterday Earl Schwartz discussed how the Marner contract locks the Leafs in at likely being only able to carry one reserve player, presumably a defenseman, but we’ll see how that shakes out. Given the proximity of the Marlies to the Leafs, carrying one at all is unnecessary half the time, and having one guy on the road is a comforting safety net. Not using the full 23 man roster is nothing new to the Leafs.
In camp, the Leafs are presently sitting at 54 players, 50 of who are active and 4 who are injured and likely don’t factor into this situation yet. The …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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