Trade Targets: Three goaltenders to consider and Jonathan Bernier

When it comes to polarizing Leafs no one has been more polarizing of late than Frederik Andersen. It’s somewhat odd since up until last December he was without debate the best goaltender the Leafs have had in their net since the 2005 lockout (though I’m sure revisionist Reimer fans will try to debate it.) Unfortunately when Babcock left, he seemed to take Andersen’s game with him, and we’ve seen it with other players too, as Morgan Rielly was another player who thrived under Babcock, but has taken a step back under Keefe. Neither of these players have been bad, just not as good as they’ve been, and Mark Norman recently did a great job of exploring Andersen’s okay-ness. 
Given that Andersen’s playoff performances are at the heart of the concern for many, and his 2021 performance hasn’t inspired confidence, it makes some sense to consider who is available, but in the event that the replacement is under contract or a restricted free agent, that also means that a decision would need to be made about whether the Leafs would protect Jack Campbell or the new guy in the upcoming expansion draft.
Just yesterday, when …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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