Toronto Temperature: Game 5 Norman Powell and Kyle Lowry lead a hot week

The Raptors found their groove this week, accomplishing a clean 3-0 sweep and ousting the Magic from the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Now here come the 76ers. But first, it’s time to take the Temperature. So is this what it feels like not to be stressed? The Raptors cruised to another victory in Game 5 highlighted by Kyle Lowry scoring the first nine points of the game and some now-typical Norman Powell Game 5 electricity. It was the first time in franchise history that the Raptors won a best-of-seven series in five games.
Maybe we are right to be feeling a little different. A playoff series has never come this easy. And just like Kawhi Leonard said in his post-game interview, it is now a time to enjoy the victory (with a little look ahead to Philadelphia). Let’s take the Toronto Temperature.
Who’s Hot

Marc Gasol’s Defense

The Raptors 95.8 defensive rating (tied for first with the Celtics) this playoffs has a lot to do with Marc Gasol. He is blowing up plays he has no business blowing up, swiping steals from hapless guards in the pick-and-roll, and smothering Nikola Vucevic into despair.
The play of Gasol has sealed the deal …

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Author: Ben_Scott / Raptors HQ

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