Three Questions from the Raptors: An Orlando Series Retrospective

After a largely one-sided series, we spoke to the Orlando Pinstriped Post to hear a Magic fan’s perspective on how the series went down. For the final instalment of the Magic series’ Three Questions, we spoke to managing editor Mike Calli of the Orlando Pinstriped Post to hear his thoughts looking back on the first round.
In the spirit of positivity, let’s reminisce on some of the best Orlando Magic moments/plays during this series. Are there any that pop into your head?
Thinking… thinking… thinking.
Yeah, I can only think of one: the D.J. Augustin game-winning shot in Game 1.
After that, the Magic didn’t hold a lead in the series again until midway through the third quarter of Game 3. In fact, I went back and did the math and, after Game 1, Orlando held a lead over the Raptors from a grand total of five minutes and 49 seconds over three games. The Raptors led the entire way in Games 2 and 5, the Magic held the lead for 27 seconds in Game 3 and for the first 5:22 of Game 4. When playing from behind for the entire series, mostly by a large margin, there won’t be too many happy moments …

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Author: Dylan Litman / Raptors HQ

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