Three Questions from the Raptors ahead of Game 3 vs. the Philadelphia 76ers

After a frustrating loss, we asked Sean Kennedy of Liberty Ballers how the Raptors can rebound against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 3. After a lacklustre Raptors performance in Game 2, Sean Kennedy of Liberty Ballers picked apart last game for us and offered some advice for Game 3.
Last game, the Raptors appeared lethargic and struggled to make shots right from the get-go. What major changes did the Sixers make to stifle Toronto’s offense, and do you think they’re sustainable?
The main changes the Sixers made defensively included having Ben Simmons be the primary defender on Kawhi Leonard, being more aggressive about sending double teams at Kawhi, and switching the frontcourt matchups with Joel Embiid on Pascal Siakam and Tobias Harris on Marc Gasol. All of those moves should remain in place moving forward. As I mentioned prior to Game 2, Simmons has the best chance of slowing down Kawhi, possessing the length to bother him on shot attempts and the mobility to fight through screens. Much of Toronto’s supporting cast seems hesitant to take the lead offensively, so I’m perfectly fine with getting the ball out of Kawhi’s enormous mitts and forcing other Raptors to make a …

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Author: Dylan Litman / Raptors HQ

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