Three Questions from the Raptors ahead of Game 3 vs. the Orlando Magic

Ahead of Game 3, we spoke to the Orlando Pinstriped Post to understand the mindset of a Magic fan in these trying times. After a Kawhi-led thrashing, we spoke to managing editor Mike Cali of the Orlando Pinstriped Post to hear his thoughts before the Raptors head to Orlando for Game 3.

From a Torontonian’s perspective, Game 2’s officiating seemed to benefit the Magic immensely, especially in the first half. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the officiating from an Orlando Magic fan’s perspective.

Allow me to answer this question in video form….

Michael Carter Williams was bloodied by Kyle call. I always knew that adage “no blood no foul” was a hoax.— MarkJonesESPN (@MarkJonesESPN) April 13, 2019

A no-call on a near-broken nose in Game 1 must be worth at least 10 make-up calls, right? But in all seriousness, I’m sure we will both have biased opinions on this subject. The only time we remember officiating is when we feel there was a bad call or no call that worked against our team.
In Game 1, I felt the whistles (or lack of, see video above) favoured the Raptors. In Game 2, the whistles may have …

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Author: Dylan Litman / Raptors HQ

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