There’s a key lesson to be learned from the Washington Nationals’ excellent story

The Washington Nationals, just as we all predicted, are World Series champions. The Little Team That Could, against all odds, just kept chugging their way along and ultimately slayed the dragon known as the Houston Astros, who pretty much everyone had already crowned as champs before the series began.

This, of course, is a big win for everybody, because we didn’t have to witness an incredibly unlikable organization get validated. I mean, I have nothing against Astros fans or a good chunk of the players on the team — some people find the team cocky but I really don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing — but watching that front office get baseball’s biggest pat on the back would have been frustrating.
Anyways, fuck the Astros, there’s no need to give them any more attention than they’ve already had. Their social ineptness and lack of any kind of moral compass was a massive black eye on the post-season this year and the wildly endearing Nationals taking home the World Series felt like justice being served. So, let’s talk about them.
The story of the 2019 Nationals is an incredible one. Over the off-season, franchise icon Bryce …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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