The “Unqualified” Free Agents could provide the solution the Leafs salary cap woes

I don’t think this is my worst quality, in fact I know I have much worse ones, but I’ve noticed I have a character flaw. I am overly attached to formerly can’t miss prospects who have most definitely missed. It’s because of that I spent yesterday closely watching as team after team released the names of the restricted free agents that they would not be submitting qualifying offers to. You can find the full list of them on PuckPedia.
There are a few reasons that teams don’t qualify their free agents. The one that has popped up most recently is the realization that arbitration rights are a difficult thing to deal with, especially since it’s pretty binding in most cases, especially for players that end up at the bottom of the roster.
12.10 Walk-Away Rights for Player-Elected Salary Arbitration.
(a) If a Club has elected to arbitrate a one-year SPC, and the award issued is for
$3,500,000 or more per annum, then the Club may, within forty-eight (48) hours after the award
of the Salary Arbitrator is issued (or, if a Club has any other Player still eligible for salary
arbitration at that time and for whom …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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