The Toronto Maple Leafs biggest need is Kyle Lowry

The Toronto Maple Leafs have spent much of the 2020 offseason addressing many of their biggest needs. They upgraded their defence with TJ Brodie, they found toughness in Zach Bogosian and Wayne Simmonds, and they added in veteran leadership by finally bringing Joe Thornton to the team after decades of rumours that it might one day happen. However, despite all this the Leafs still lack a key component that has brought success to another MLSE franchise.
They don’t have Kyle Lowry.
Yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a hockey team and Kyle Lowry is a basketball player, so asking how Kyle Lowry could possibly help the Leafs is indeed a fair question. The answer lies in something many Toronto Raptors fans already know. Lowry does more than just play basketball. 
The Leafs’ struggles aren’t from a lack of talent. On paper, the franchise is as loaded with skill as any other in the NHL. Yet over the past few seasons, a troublesome trend that continues to plague this team has become increasingly apparent. 
Sometimes they just quit.Ask a group of NBA fans who the greatest Raptor of all time is and you’ll get a handful of answers. …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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