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Welcome to The Shapkins Defender, where I inhale your toxic screeds and spit out the fresh oxygen of optimism, like a tree that kind of understands WAR. (Just don’t ask me to explain it.) Let’s get to it!
Now, I’ve talked about Shapiro’s track record before. But it looks like I’m going to have to do it again, because…

“When, precisely, was the pilot on this beautiful island before?” – AA
This comment from Alex Anthopoulos was in reference to a previous post of mine where I said this…
“The way I look at it is it’s like we’re on a plane together. And the pilot keeps telling us we’ll be at a beautiful tropical island soon. And it’s an island he’s been to before. I’ve seen pictures of him there! But you’re using every bit of turbulence as an excuse to go running and screaming that the plane has been hijacked. And my point is that maybe, just maybe, if you take a few deep breaths and have a snack, we’ll both enjoy the journey a little more.”
This was my way of saying that Shapiro has …

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Author: Darragh / Blue Jays Nation

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