The NHL and its players need to care

If you haven’t already read the open letter to the NHL by Matthew Henriques, I strongly encourage you start there before reading my post. 
One of things that repeatedly gets said around the hockey world is that we’ve got the best sport, but we’ve got the worst league. Sometimes it would be nice if the NHL would stop proving that statement right, but yesterday was not the day.
On a day when the a move by the Milwaukee Bucks led to the postponement of the entire NBA schedule, and led to similar actions in the WNBA, MLS, and MLB, the NHL responded to these players boycotting their games by having a 33 second moment of reflection before one game with the words “End Racism” on the jumbotron.

Before puck drop.
— Christine Simpson (@SNChrisSimpson) August 27, 2020

Obviously this is an incredibly embarrassing moment for the league. At a time when people are demanding real action be taken on the continuous police shootings of African Americans and players in other sports are using their platform to demand real change be taken beyond simple lip service to a substantial human rights …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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