The Leafs Should Bring P.K. Home to Toronto

With the trade deadline behind us, now seems like the perfect time to discuss who the Leafs should target to improve their D core next season. Timing is everything and, as the old saying goes, the best time to discuss a trade was two weeks ago and the second-best time is now…. or something like that.

Anyways, as you may have already noticed, the Leafs defense is kind of awful. More specifically, their right side is sub-par and only getting worse next season. Tyson Barrie has had mixed results this year but it’s hard to argue that Toronto has an internal replacement as good as him after his likely departure this summer. This leaves the Leafs with a 28-year-old AHL lifer and a 2019 NHL rookie holding down their right side in 2020; not exactly a recipe for success. Long story short, the Leafs need another body and preferably a body that is good at hockey. The answer…. PK Subban.
Ok… hear me out. I can already sense the backlash to this idea: “PK is cooked! Do you think it’s 2016?! He costs too much! Why do you always have such terrible taeks?!”. These …

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Author: Totally Offside / The Leafs Nation

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