The Leafs aren’t in an ideal situation heading into the draft

The running theme of the next month when it comes to our draft coverage is the Leafs lack of a first round pick. I’d argue that this is likely going to change at some point, or at least they might add an additional 2nd or some thirds along the way, but a team in salary cap hell that has a GM committed to maintaining a talent pipeline is going to explore some options here, if for no other reason than knowing that steady flow of entry level contracts exceeding their value is the only way to be competitive in the NHL.
Reminder of where everyone sits when it comes to draft position

Here’s our starting point. The actual draft order. It should go without saying that pick one is better than pick two, and so on down the line, but it’s interesting to see how much better. Using Michael Schucker’s draft pick values pick eight is already half as valuable as the first overall pick. This is good news for everyone who is happy to see Edmonton stop getting (and ruining) nice things.

So with values starting at 1000 (Auston Matthews) we slowly dwindle down to the 30 …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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