The Leafs are banking on Marner’s agent caving on October 1st, and he probably will

Yesterday Katya Knappe at Pension Plan Puppets published a very good piece about the Marner situation that does exactly as its title says: Blows away the smoke, and shows that his choice is actually quite simple. The basic premise is that, as the Leafs get closer to opening night on October 2nd, the way they’ve boxed in Marner gets tighter and tighter until the switch flips and they simply can’t go beyond a certain point. At season’s start, that point is around $9.75-million annually. It only gets worse after that because, as you’ll no doubt remember from the Nylander contract, the first year cap hit prorates as you cut deeper into the season.
As Knappe goes on to point out, everything else around these huge numbers, like the $11-12-million dollar asks and the absurd $15-million qualifying offers that we’ve heard about in recent days, is just noise.
Forget anything you may have heard over the last few days about deals that might have been offered in the summer before the current Leafs roster was set. None of that matters. That’s the smoke. There is little to no chance now for any kind of …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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