The Doomsday Babclock and the danger of inaction

I’m going to start off by arguing that when the status of a coach’s future with the team has become the number one story in a team’s news cycle you’ve probably past the point of no return on whether or not you’ll be able to salvage that coach.
Is there any benefit in going through the remaining steps of players only meetings, the false vote of confidence from the GM and/or President of Hockey Ops, or in the Leafs case, you have to wonder how many articles we’re going to have to suffer through on whether or not the players will still play for Mike Babcock. We’ve been to this rodeo before, we’ve seen how it plays out, and frankly it’s better if it plays out sooner rather than later since there is a lot of hockey left for the Leafs to try and make up the difference. That’s the big one.
Both Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie have been making the radio rounds this morning noting that the Leafs are not at all interested in firing Mike Babcock. Dreger suggesting a bad road trip could force Dubas’ hand …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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