The Case for Travis Dermott as the Leafs’ Most Lovable Goofball

You can love the way Travis Dermott plays, you can hate it, or you can be indifferent. But I’m here to argue that what you cannot deny is that he is, off the ice, by far the most lovable goofball on the Toronto Maple Leafs current roster.
I want to disclaim, before I begin making my case, that there was a picture of Travis on vacation a few years ago in a Speedo, with cornrows in his hair. While some Twitter users suggested this to me as an example of Travis’ affable, goofball personality, I have to disagree. Cornrows are a hairstyle that carries deep meaning to Black people, and when white people or people from other cultures mimic this style it is a form of cultural appropriation and insensitivity. Travis was rightfully called out on this by many, and I am hopeful that he learned from that experience.
Aside from that instance, though, there are countless examples of Travis’ fun-loving, easygoing, carefree personality that we can point to when arguing that he’s the most lovable goofball on the team. I put a call out on Twitter (as mentioned above) and received so many suggestions, I might not …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

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