The Case for Bridging Marner

Folks… What can I say, this Mitch Marner fellow is something else. How about those contract demands? Amirite? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
Anyway, I’m sorry to say that we are (I am) back on our bullshit, and we’re going to look at bringing the kid back in the short term, at a reduced rate. An idea which carries both benefits, and challenges, so let’s do a good old fashioned SWOT Analysis of the idea of bridging Mitch Marner for three years.
Likely to produce the best possible cap hit
Gives the Leafs the opportunity to compensate Marner in three years when guessing potential isn’t in the equation anymore
Presently only have 5 players under contract in 2022-23 and can plan on keeping space available to accommodate a larger cap hit.
Blogs will have lazy summer content ideas again in three years
Eventually you’ll end up paying him or losing him
Would be negotiating with Kapanen, Rielly, and Marner in the same off-season
Potentially devalues Marner’s place on the team compared to other stars
Mitch may not have enough money to buy Paul Marner the solid gold suit he has his eyes on.
The biggest benefit …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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