The brief history of 2nd round picks in the Dubas era is encouraging

There isn’t a whole lot of history to go on with Dubas and later draft picks. In fact we don’t even have a whole lot to go on early draft picks, but since the Leafs find themselves without a first round pick this year, perhaps it’s worth taking a look at a few of the 2nd round picks that have been made since Kyle Dubas joined the organization, and assign credit/blame to Dubas, Lamoriello, or Hunter, and try to establish if there’s any trend with these selections.
Travis Dermott 2015 2nd Round (34th overall)
Late in the first the Leafs were riding the high of selecting Mitch Marner, and the Leafs are ready to make their second selection of the first round with Travis Konecny still available. Instead of going for the offensive talent who many scouting services had ranked within the top 15 of the draft, Kyle Dubas (along with Mark Hunter as co-GM) opted to trade down for the 29th overall pick and the 61st overall pick. The 29th overall pick would then be turned into this 34th overall pick, and a 3rd round pick used to select Martins Dzierkals.
Konecny has proven himself to …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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