The Blue Jays were asking for Clint Fraizer in a Stroman to the Yankees deal

Marcus Stroman was traded to New York prior to the trade deadline. That wasn’t a surprise. It was the team in New York that happened to be what shocked everyone.

It had been long-rumoured that the Yankees were looking to acquire the native New Yorker to help add quality depth to a starting rotation that had been enigmatic. It was assumed that Stroman, a guy unafraid of the big lights in New York City and an ability to keep the ball on the ground, would thrive as a Yankee. But, prior to the trade deadline, it was the Mets who came out of left field and acquired Stroman.
So, what happened? Why didn’t Stroman end up a Yankee like as all assumed he would? Well, according to Wallace Matthews of Yahoo! Sports, Brian Cashman didn’t believe that Stroman could be a major difference-maker on the team and, thus, wouldn’t meet Toronto’s demands.
Plopped in the middle of the article in a section titled “Is 2019 Cashman’s masterpiece?” is this quick but incredibly interesting tidbit about the Yankees pursuit of Stroman at the trade deadline.

And this year, when the Blue Jays were demanding Frazier be …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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