The 5 most annoying types of Leafs fan you’ll have to deal with during the playoffs

With playoffs coming up, chances are you’re going to be tricked into watching hockey with an eclectic group of people looking for an excuse to drink on a Tuesday evening. The appeal of being around a group of friends to celebrate when the team finally finds success is a siren song far too enticing for the average fan to turn down.
However, as anyone who has spent some amount of time online or in sports bars can tell you, not everyone who chooses to invest their free time into getting frustrated by the actions of millionaire athletes is entirely pleasant to be around. As a way of letting off some steam before the anxiety rollercoaster of playoffs begins, here are some of the most annoying Leafs fans you’ll come across during the postseason.
The “Just Win a Round” fan
Annoyance factor: 4/10
Much like your friend who is currently dating a DJ/Entrepreneur, this fan has had their standards lowered to depths usually reserved for shipwrecks and fish that resemble Lovecraftian horrors. All they want out of this season is for the Toronto Maple Leafs to win four games. Should they get swept in the second round, losing every game by record setting scores, it won’t matter. The goal is simply to win around.
They’re a type of fan who can be perfectly enjoyable when winning, but the second that it seems like the team may n …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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