The 1st Cody Ceci trade rumour of the year

I fully acknowledge that most of you don’t want to be hearing about trade rumours this early in the year.
I fully acknowledge that some of you have lowered your expectations enough that you are happy with what you’ve seen from Ceci so far this year.
I also fully acknowledge that the Toronto Sun is not a reliable source for anything and if it was any other player than Cody Ceci we probably wouldn’t even give this post the time of day.
Nevertheless, here we are. Four games have been played, admittedly Ceci hasn’t been terrible, and we’re gearing up to trade him.

— James (@Account4hockey) October 10, 2019
Full article can be found here.
Could Ceci go to Winnipeg? Could he even get there when they don’t have an airport? What would the possible return be for him? Let’s explore these ideas.
First, the airport one. Despite the lack of airport, it is possible to reach Winnipeg by rail or bus, most likely from Grand Forks, ND. I suggest stopping off at Happy Harry’s Liquor before making the border crossing. It’s an elite …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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