Growing up coloured with the game of hockey

Toronto, Torono, The Six, Home — whatever you may call it. Toronto is objectively one of the best and most diverse cities in the entire world. A city filled with so much history, culture, and the greatest sports teams.
There’s nothing that can be compared to the feeling of getting off the train at Union Station, hearing the rumblings and excitement of fellow fans going to a Maple Leafs game on a Saturday night at Scotiabank Arena. Your heart’s racing, you’re smiling from ear to ear, you can’t wait to see your favourite player score on ice, and then, someone looks at you and spits out a racial slur, or they ask you what you ‘really know about hockey’, and you suddenly can’t wait to go back home. The NHL says that Hockey is for Everyone, but is it really?
Being the daughter of immigrant parents, people would sometimes look at me confused when I told them that hockey was my favourite sport or when I tried to talk about a game with them. Why do you like hockey? What do you know about hockey? Hockey makes me happy. The plays, the speed of the game, …

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Author: Roxanne Khasow / The Leafs Nation