Pitching Depth and Roster Building, Part 2: The Prospects and Lower Minors

Having wandered about in the thicket of Toronto’s major league starting options (and, may I add, I think it’s a pretty cool thing to have that set of options in Triple-A given what most such rotations look like) we can now get into the more prospect-y side of this discussion.

My good friend over at Future Blue Jays did a series of rotation projection posts earlier in the off-season, and he started at the bottom and worked his way up. I found that too difficult to do because it seems to me that often a player might not land as high as he otherwise would have simply due to opportunity. So, for example, the guys in Double-A are guys who have earned at least that level but potentially also guys for whom there’s just no opening at Triple-A.
The other framing assumption is specific to this season, which is to say that in many cases, a player may be promoted to the level that he would have been had they played a 2020 MiLB season. For example, top-5 prospect Simeon Woods Richardson pitched at High-A Dunedin in 2019 (albeit not for a full season) and might reasonably have been …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation