Scott’s Thoughts: Twitter Request Edition

I was a bit hard pressed for content for this week’s article, so I decided to take to Twitter to take suggestions. I ended up breaking the rule of “most likes in a reply wins”, but the commenter (who is also my managing editor) said I didn’t have to write about werewolves, and I got this suggestion instead.

Is it being too harsh to think John Tavares should be able to better drive a line consisting of Nylander + any other winger?
We would expect Matthews to do it, who is clearly better. But is it too much to expect more dominance from our captain who earns 11m cap hit?
— UK_Leaf (@uk_leaf) February 14, 2021

So, I think to start off, I’ll simply answer the question: I don’t think it’s too harsh to expect John Tavares to drive a line, especially with William Nylander on his wing. The two of them should be able to have anyone on their wing and be able to drive play.
And for the most part, they have. When the two of them are on the ice together at even strength, they have 55.13% of the shot attempts, and 53.19% of the expected …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation