Toronto Six get blanked in their debut; but that’s nowhere near the most important part of today’s game

The Toronto Six made their much-awaited debut on the NWHL stage today in Lake Placid, and it was delightful! Yes, they lost to the Metropolitan Riveters, but the game was so much fun, so impressive, and promised so much to look forward to that the loss seems almost secondary to the momentousness of the occasion.
The Good (and Great)
The Six outshot the Rivs 40-19, and if not for Rivs goalie Sonjia Shelly standing on her head, this game would have looked much different. Meanwhile, at the other end of the ice, Six goalie Elaine Chuli looked solid as well. The first couple minutes were a bit shaky as she got her bearings, leading to the first Rivs goal, but after that she was calm, cool, and collected in net, making some impressive saves to help keep the score down.
Watch Chuli perform some goalie magic below, as a preview of what we can expect from her this season:

Chuli snapping in the third with a point-blank save
Check at the end for good measure!
— Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 23, 2021

The Six dominated faceoffs and killed all three of their penalties, proving that coach Digit Murphy’s …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation