WoHo: What’s what in the women’s hockey world

WoHo: What’s what in the women’s hockey world

Welcome to our new weekly column, focusing on the happenings in and around the Women’s Hockey (WoHo) World! We were so excited to launch our Toronto Six/NWHL coverage in the fall, that we decided to expand that and take a weekly look at the entire women’s hockey landscape. Growing the game and making women’s hockey a hit is a lofty goal, and we hope to contribute by shining a spotlight on all of the things going on.
While the NWHL season sadly ended early due to COVID concerns, WoHo is still happening, with PWHPA games!

NBC’s Kenny Albert and the PWHPA’s Blake Bolden will be in the booth, with MSG Network’s Michelle Gingras doing rinkside. Sportsnet is airing the NHL Network broadcast, so the crew will be the same.
— Anne Tokarski (@annetokarski) February 23, 2021

These games are part of the Secret Dream Gap Tour 2021, with this upcoming weekend’s games hosted by the NY Rangers, and games the following weekend hosted by the Chicago Blackhawks. It’s awesome that they’re being televised by major sports networks in both the USA and Canada.
New partner, the Toronto Maple Leafs, will hopefully host some games …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation