Brad Treliving is not the best or worst candidate for the Maple Leafs’ GM role

A wise man once said, “Get busy Treliving or get busy Tredying.” It seems the Leafs might be interested in the former, as they’ve reportedly begun their search for a GM at Treliving. Treliving, due to the nature of his contract, wouldn’t really be able to join the Leafs until July 1st as his contract with the Flames expires at that time, but best case scenario is he is able to come in sooner but is kept from the Leafs draft table as his knowledge of Calgary’s draft plans is something the Flames would like kept from the Leafs. (I’d imagine the Leafs would have identical objections if/when Kyle Dubas lands in Pittsburgh.)
The first person connected to a vacancy makes them worth examining, but to some extent, Treliving is in many ways the convenient candidate. He does have connections to the MLSE board through his Dad’s Boston Pizza empire, he is that rare blend of being an expired NHL GM who isn’t quite Jim Benning, Peter Chiarelli, Dale Tallon awful, and, from MLSE’s point of view, he’s a good fit due to his willingness to appease a highly involved owner in Calgary. Respect for the chain of command won’t be a selling point to fans, but it will be to a group rumoured to be put off by Kyle Dubas’ push for greater autono …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation