Rumours: Leafs eying a mystery forward, Canucks available, and analyzing who should replace Simmonds

The Leafs have a 10-2-1 record, so naturally we’re starting to do a weekly rumours post highlighting their need for players. This is the second week of it. It’s going to be a thing. That said, you look at what good teams do, and it’s that they continue to add even when their lineup is seemingly getting it done. Last year’s Blake Coleman and Zach Bogosian additions by Tampa are certainly worth pointing out as it gave them key players to help them in the playoffs and in Coleman’s case, a very talented, low cost option to fit in with a tough salary cap situation. A good Leafs team doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be talking about adding, and apparently Kyle Dubas agrees, and that brings us to the first rumour…

Elliotte Friedman said on 31 thoughts the podcast that there’s a winger he thinks the Leafs are interested in but he can’t prove it yet to report.
— J (@Account4hockey) February 9, 2021

So that’s a ton of mystery for us to digest. We’ll try and identify good winger targets for the Leafs a little later in this post, but for now we’ …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation