Tactical Issues: How will the Raptors and Sixers adjust in Game 2?

What worked for the Raptors, and what can the Sixers do with all their troubles in this match-up? How should the Sixers defend Kawhi? We try to answer these questions and more. The Toronto Raptors started off the first game of the second round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers with a bang. Were the Sixers expecting the old “playoff Raptors” or were they just unprepared? Maybe they did know what was going to come from Toronto, but could do nothing about it.
Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam established themselves as the best players on the court, and potentially in this series. How will the Sixers respond?
For the Sixers
Nothing really worked for the Sixers in Game 1. There were glimpses — that JJ Redick spurt, Ben Simmons’ scoring, the second chance opportunities. But their defensive coverage sucked and they could not actually generate enough points. Still, there’s no way other than up from here for the Sixers, right?
Regular Season Defense
Unlike the Orlando Magic, the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t look too concerned about Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam. They instead stuck with straight-up regular season single coverage defense.
The result was a rude awakening for the Sixers, as …

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Author: JD Quirante / Raptors HQ

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