Tactical Issues: How will the Raptors and Magic adjust in Game 4?

Has Orlando Magic solved their problem with Vucevic vs. Gasol? How did Siakam erupt for 30 points? Should the Raptors “bench” their problem? We dive into some Game 4 tactics. Pascal Siakam put the basketball world on notice on Friday night, and the Magic couldn’t do anything about it. Or, maybe they can, but they refused to mitigate it. That’s what we’re here to figure out.
Game 3 should not have been as close as it was, with the Magic coming close to stealing it had they secured one crucial rebound. Maybe the Raptors have to make some changes too, in that case. Let’s see what transpired in Game 3 and what advice we can offer to coaches Nick Nurse and Steve Clifford.
For the Magic
Coach Steve Clifford should see some silver lining in Game 3 after Nikola Vucevic was finally able to get going — at least for a stretch. There’s still some tinkering that needs to be done for Orlando, though, such as solving the Isaac-Ross-Fournier rotation.
Get Gasol into Foul Trouble to Free Vooch
Has Clifford found a way to free Vooch or was it a fool’s gold? Vooch’s best game of this series mostly …

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Author: JD Quirante / Raptors HQ

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