Tactical Issues: How will the Raptors and Bucks adjust in Game 2?

The Raptors played well enough to make everyone think that this could be a long series. Can the Bucks stay a step ahead of them in Game 2, or will Toronto be good enough to steal home court advantage? If you’re a Milwaukee Bucks fan, there’s really nothing surprising or alarming about Game 1. The Bucks are well known to start slow and turn it up a notch throughout the run of a game — even one in the playoffs, and on as big a stage as the Eastern Conference Finals.
For the Toronto Raptors fan, Game 1 felt like a lost opportunity. That the Raptors came to play, kept the pace up, and held the Bucks at bay for three quarters, while also having a great Kyle Lowry scoring game, made it all the more difficult to digest when they lost.
Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer made incremental adjustments throughout the game, and Raptors coach Nick Nurse came in with an excellent game plan to start. Unfortunately, the latter stepped on a landmine starting late in the third quarter and failed to counter some of Milwaukee’s moves down the stretch.
So what did Game 1 tell us? That the Raptors are not …

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Author: JD Quirante / Raptors HQ

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