Staturday Weekly Column #6: Projecting the North Standings in 2021, Pt. 2

Last week for this Staturday column, I took a look at two analytical models designed to simulate the results of an NHL game. Those models were then run through for the 2021 regular season to see what it spits out. These models came from our former contributor Dom Luszczyszyn at The Athletic, and from the website
Meanwhile, two more models have been released and are ripe for the picking. These two come from Micah Blake McCurdy at, a site we covered in Column #2 about the more interesting analytics resources available in the public sphere, and the other comes from Sean Tierney, another fantastic viz generator and former contributor at EditorInLeaf, who now runs the site, and is the Director of Analytics for the OHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs. Both sites are behind partial paywalls, so that you have to subscribe on Patreon to access the really fun stuff, but in this case the previews are not paywalled.
Starting with McCurdy’s model, here is what he has to say about how it works:
I simulated the 2020-2021 NHL regular season a million times to estimate what is likely to happen. (I used a computer to help …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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